Where will I sing?

Musically, barbershop acapella is my home. It was the context where I learned to sing and trust my voice. Ringing overtones and delightfully frictiony seventh chords are what give me goosebumps down my arms and neck. I first started singing barbershop (women’s of course) in high school, and while I haven’t been in a chorus all or even most of the time between that first time and now, I still miss it and have some piece of my identity tied to it. While I had some gender dysphoria being part of a women’s chorus, it was all about performance and presenting oneself a certain way, so it was surmountable.

Since I haven’t sung with a barbershop chorus for about a year (interestingly, coincidental or not, that was right about the time I came out to myself as trans), I’m starting to get nostalgic for it. But there are complications. I’m not a woman, and being in a women’s chorus doesn’t fit. So then I worry, will my voice drop enough? Would an octave drop in singing voice do it? Will men’s barbershop give me the same musical satisfaction? Could I fit in socially in a men’s barbershop chorus? If not, what other musical group could I use to get my social and musical needs met?

On the plus side, I’ve poked around blogs/reddit threads about singing on T, and it sounds like gradual increases are the way to go. Something like starting at 25mg weekly for a few months and then going to 50mg weekly. I don’t know if I’d like to go beyond that, since I’m still feeling out the right level of masculinization.


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